The Supreme Court has confirmed it will be discussing the future of a sports betting case in Florida on June 13th.

Supreme Court To Discuss Florida Betting Case On June 13th

West Flagler and Associates are taking on the state of Florida over the future of sports betting apps within the state and the Supreme Court has confirmed the dates in which it may potentially be discussed.

It is not certain that the Supreme Court will opt to hear the case, but it has confirmed that on June 13th it will analyse whether or not it should be debated further at a hearing.

On June 13th, the case will enter conference and if four justices believe it warrants a further hearing then it will be discussed in depth later in the year.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court refused to take the case further in a Circuit Court decision and Justice Brett Kavanagh then issued a brief that asked for the case to go to a hearing – as it could impact the U.S. as a nation.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, who has been supporting tribal rights for a long period of time, may be interested in taking a deeper look into the case.

When selecting the cases, the Supreme Court looks into the possible impacts the court’s decision could have across North America.

The Florida case works with individual aspects of a certain compact, however, the plaintiffs have taken issue with the way the courts have worked with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Over the course of a year, the Supreme Court receives around 7,500 requests for ‘writs of certiorari’ and tend to only grant 150 of these.

This puts the Florida sports betting case in jeopardy as it is extremely difficult to earn a spot in the court’s discussion – but if successful, it will be discussed in the fall.