Stake has opened a deal with a non-profit responsible gambling organisation, BetBlocker, that means customers can now utilize the ‘BetBlocker RG tool’ without paying a fee.

Stake Enters Deal With BetBlocker To Introduce New ‘RG Tool’

This is a ploy by Stake to improve its every day systems, but this deal will also improve the safeguarding format at the crypto gambling platform – lowering the risk of gambling danger for users.

It is accessible through a software that is anonymous, but also allows users to stop any access to a variety of online gambling sites.

Players that are battling with gambling addiction can use BetBlocker to help prevent any further issues and promote safer gambling.

Essentailly, the RG tool lets customers put blockers in place to stop any access and also create a time frame which can be set for days or years.

Chief of Safer Gambling Partnerships at BetBlocker, Pedro Romero, spoke about the new deal and believes it can be a significant step for Stake.

He said (Via BetBlocker): “BetBlocker is thrilled to collaborate with Stake to expand the reach of our software. We are delighted that Stake is taking a significant step forward in promoting responsible gambling.”

During the early stages of June, BetBlocker began a deal with Blask, which will share data between both companies and push responsible gambling methods.

A spokesperson from Stake spoke about the relationship with BetBlocker and Blask, claiming they will ensure improved products for customers.

The spokesperson said (Via Stake): “At Stake, we pride ourselves on delivering an entertaining and customer-centric experience, while acknowledging the importance of responsible gambling. Strengthening our relationship with BetBlocker plays an integral role in ensuring their product serves to benefit our customers.”

Another key move Stake in the beginning of 2024, after partnering with Mancala Gaming in the US market during January.