Soft2Bet has joined the International Betting Integrity Association after utilizing its membership in Ontario.

Soft2Bet Joins IBIA After Entering Ontario

The IBIA confirmed that Soft2Bet, a gaming platform provider, has completed its licensing process into the Ontario casino/gambling industry and will now look to expand into brands across the globe.

Khalid Ali, CEO of the International Betting Integrity Association, was very excited about the new journey into Ontario and labeled Soft2Bet as a ‘very welcome addition.’

He said (Via IBIA): “Soft2Bet is a very welcome addition to IBIA, further strengthening our position in the Ontario market.

“The operator’s decision to join IBIA demonstrates its desire to utilise the best integrity protection available for its sportsbook product.”

Gambling in Ontario has seen a host of activity during 2024, as Soft2Bet managed to earn a Certificate of Registration from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

By obtaining this license, Soft2Bet can now begin its objective of opening a new igaming site,, in the Candian province of Ontario.

David Yatom Hay, General Counsel at Soft2Bet, has applauded the recent collaboration with the IBIA and feels the betting site can help improve business activity for both parties.

He said (Via Soft2Bet): “Soft2Bet is delighted to be joining the IBIA as we strengthen our own betting integrity monitoring processes and play our part in furthering the IBIA’s long standing work on this key issue.

“Ontario is a world class igaming jurisdiction; it will be the first market where we will implement our IBIA membership and we look forward to deploying the monitoring infrastructure worldwide in all the other markets in which we operate.”

The International Betting Integrity Association has acquired over 50 companies and an extra 100 sports betting sites, which allows betting integrity for each member and help prevent businesses from possible threats.