iGaming specialist SCCG Management has formed a new partnership with Golden Whale productions – focusing on AI powered gaming solutions.

SCCG Management Forms Partnership With Golden Whale

Golden Whale Productions is looking to expand into the United States, entering new U.S betting sites after a successful entry into Europe.

Its leading product, Foundation, is a ‘a scalable optimization module for high-leverage decision-making, which will be used when entering new areas.

The CEO of Golden Whale, Eberhard Durrschmid, spoke about the new partnership with SCCG Management and claims it can help take Golden Whale to the next level – despite quadrupling its revenue during the course of a year.

He said (Via Golden Whale): “While Golden Whale has enjoyed an incredible year of growth during which the company quadrupled its revenue without the help of an external investor, our partnership with SCCG is definitely the next big step.

“By teaming up with an industry expert like Stephen (the Founder and CEO of SCCG Management), we’ll be able to broaden our horizons, expand our reach and really start pushing our game-changing products across the Americas and beyond.

“We’re really looking forward to the collaboration and are hugely optimistic about the business opportunities it’ll bring as Golden Whale enters the next exciting stage of its evolution.”

SCCG Management confirmed an additional partnership just a few days before, merging with Globe Gaming and increasing its reach across Europe, including European casinos.

Stephen Crystal, SCCG Management Founder and CEO, revealed how the agreement with Globe Gaming will not only help with the move into America, but also continue the progress made in several European nations.

He said (Via SCCG Management): “Our collaboration with Globe Gaming is a strategic step towards enhancing our global presence, particularly in Europe. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up for both companies.”