SCCG Managment has taken another step in improving everyday activities at the company by confirming a strategic collaboration with Comm100.

SCCG Confirm Strategic Collaboration With Comm100

The announcement has been made by SCCG Management, as it completes an agreement with Comm100, an organization that focuses on AI-generated communication solutions.

Agreeing such a deal comes with the hope of increasing the level of player engagement in the gaming industry, alongside a focus on improved customer support.

These goals are hoping to be reached by utilizing Comm100’s specific skill set and adding communication channels that are more personal and functional.

Comm100’s omnichannel platforms are powered and supported by AI, which means players can be responded too on a 24/7 basis.

By adding Comm100 to its arsenal, SCCG are aiming for more customers in the coming months and adding several gaming companies from across the globe.

SCCG will play a huge part in this partnership, as it will allow for the implementation of Comm100’s AI platform – inlcuding a 24/7 chatbot that offers gaming resolutions.

All gaming operators that work in collaboration with both parties will be able to use the technology that solves issues automatically, helps with traffic management and carry out conversations with customers on several sites.

SCGG Management CEO, Stephen Crystal, believes agreeing this partnership with Comm100 will take SCGG to new heights and help deliver ‘exceptional’ player experiences.

He said (Per, SCCG “Teaming up with Comm100, renowned for their unparalleled AI customer support and user engagement solutions, enables us to provide operators with technologies worldwide. This collaboration empowers them to deliver exceptional player experiences and drive sustainable growth.”

SCGG has been extremely active in the opening stages of 2024, after extending its partnership with BlueBat games to continue its journey in the casino industry.

It also joined forces with a payment solution, Numb3rs, which allows SCGG to utilized the payment processing technology into the gaming industry.