North Carolina has made a difficult entrance into the sport betting industry and a push for more betting markets looks unlikely.

North Carolina Push For Increased Betting Markets Suffers Blow

Despite forming a new sports betting market, North Carolina’s entrance into the industry looks to be struggling and it now unlikely to increase its legalized gaming in 2024.

The debate over adding more casino gambling into the state continues to take place and Tim Moore, the state’s House Speaker, has highlighted how last year’s impasse may prevent any steps being made this year.

Many members of the Republican party were against the idea of legalized online casino gambling in North Carolina – which included the idea of video lotteries in restaurants.

Moore revealed that the discussions in 2024 over the expansion of casinos in North Carolina has impacted the future of possible lottery features entering the state.

He said (Via CBS 17): “I do think that the conversation last year as it related to casinos has put a shadow over the discussion about updates to the lottery with VLTs and so forth.”

Senate President, Phil Berger, had the support of Moore when trying to implement a casino amendment to North Carolina’s 2023-25 budget bill – which would increase the number of gaming licenses across the state.

Berger had several points in his proposal and the main issue related to the direction of revenue, as this new bill would keep the money in North Carolina.

Current estimations are that by legalizing video lottery terminal’s, the state could generate around $1 billion per year.

The view of North Carolina residents is that the addition of casinos would be positive, however, House Republicans are divided on the topic.

An issue that was raised by the North Carolina public was how all discussions were being discussed behind closed doors – while Moore has also stopped supporting Berger’s casino bill.

The bill has failed to accumulated enough support, meaning Berger stopped pushing for it during February and has left the bill’s fate in the hands of the House.

He said (Via CBS 17): “If there are folks who decide it’s something they want to pick up and move with, we’ll see.”