The NCAA has announced the launch of its first e-learning module with a specific focus on sports wagering.

The new module, which was launched with an introductory video. The NCAA has received feedback from student-athletes, campus leaders, and NCAA engaged former athletes in order to design and tailor the e-learning module and “better connect with current student-athletes”.

The module is designed to help educate more than 500,000 current and prospective student-athletes on problem gambling harms and the potential risks that sports wagering posits on the integrity of their games. It includes wagering on their own games and also the dangers of external stakeholders attempting to manipulate results through contact. The module will also include topics such as NCAA rules and social media harassment.

NCAA President Charlie Baker commented: “One of the first things I did when I took over as NCAA president was gather as much information as possible about sports betting on college campuses. This educational resource is directly informed by that data. We believe this new program will help protect student-athletes from the risks that come with sports wagering.”

He continued: “The data is clear that athletes with firsthand experiences connect with current student-athletes better than any other material we could develop, so we are incredibly grateful for their participation in this effort.”

The NCAA crafted module will be freely available to all students, that is interactive, offering information, scenarios, questions and answers and resources delivered by former student-athletes, for the future-generation of student-athletes.

The aforementioned video featured Zaire Franklin, Indianapolis Colts NFL linebacker and former Syracuse football student-athlete, who kicks off the learning experience. Mikala Hall and Joshua Butler also feature in subsequent videos, taking students through the threats of sports wagering.

Zaire Franklin said: “Sports wagering has exploded in our society, and it is extremely important for athletes — at all levels — to receive thorough education on the rules and risks of sports betting to help protect themselves, their team, sport, mental health, finances and future.”

The launch of the elearning module is also being run alongside a NCAA national survey, around student-athlete sports wagering attitudes and behaviors. Further, the NCAA has also recently advocated for sports betting law changes and a common set of rules and regulations across all US states where sports betting is legalized.