The Mountain West Conference has been announced as the latest collegiate sporting event to broaden its partnership with U.S. Integrity.

The Mountain West Conference partnered last month with ProhiBet, the joint venture between Odds On Compliance and U.S. Integrity that helps sporting institutions and partners monitor prohibited sports betting activity. The 11-all-sport members of the Mountain West Conference and two single-sport benefit from ProhiBet’s monitoring services, helping uphold sporting integrity and preventing malicious sports betting activity.

MWC has begun implementing the ProhiBet system both internally and with member institutions, and now adds the full suite of U.S. Integrity services. The partnership will see USI monitor irregular contest-level, officiating and wagering patterns across all sports competition offered by MWC. Recent partnerships announced include Hard Rock Digital and UFC now taking the full suite of services including ProhiBet.

The Mountain West Conference Commissioner Gloria Nevarez commented: “U.S. Integrity is the undisputed leader in developing a multi-faceted framework to facilitate the transparency and information management necessary to ensure a fair and safe environment for sports wagering, This is a priority for the Mountain West and we are pleased to be able to utilize USI’s expertise to the benefit of our many constituents.”

Matthew Holt, CEO and Co-Founder of U.S. Integrity concluded: “We’re incredibly proud to partner with the Mountain West, as they continue their efforts in being proactive to maintain the integrity of their conference. The team here at USI are thrilled to be working with the Mountain West Conference to deliver the highest of integrity standards. The collaboration and cohesive partnership through USI’s integrity initiatives will provide the best opportunity for student-athletes in the Mountain West.”

The Mountain West Conference is comprised of eleven all-sport institutions: United States Air Force Academy, Boise State University, Colorado State University, Fresno State, University of Nevada, University of New Mexico, San Diego State University, San José State University, UNLV, Utah State University and University of Wyoming. The University of Hawai’i and Colorado College both compete in just a single sport.

Of the above member institutions, there are several institutions based in states where full legalization of sports wagering has not yet happened. With different rules and regulations in each state, including different sports betting catalogs and permissible wagers, the need for an integrity solution and monitoring partner is clear.