The Michigan Gaming Control Board has begun a crackdown on casino-style gaming machines in an effort to stop illegal gambling practices.

The board started to identify and remove numerous machines last year from various businesses. In order to protect the integrity of the state’s gaming industry and protect customers from unlicensed and unregulated machines, efforts are now being stepped up.

In Michigan, all forms of gambling are strictly prohibited unless explicitly authorised by state law. Licensed casinos are among the only places in Michigan where gambling is legal.

The increasing number of illegal and unauthorised gaming machines in the state is seen as a risk to legitimate operators working within the law.

Furthermore, these illegal machines are frequently without any consumer protections, leaving vulnerable people in particular at risk of exploitation.

Michigan Gaming Control Board Tough On Illegal Machines

In a statement, the Michigan Gaming Control Board reaffirmed their commitment to shutting down these illegal operations.

The board’s Executive Director, Henry Williams, said: “Thanks to the vigilant supervision of the Michigan Gaming Control Board, last year agency personnel were able to target and disrupt several instances of illegal gambling activities that undermined the integrity of our legitimate, regulated gaming industry.

“With a commitment to maintaining fairness, transparency and public trust, these proactive efforts were undertaken — thanks to many tips from concerned Michigan citizens — to ensure safe, regulated gambling environments.”

To date, the crackdown has already delivered significant results. There were 64 Michigan businesses issues with cease and desist notices regarding illegal gambling practices in 2023.

These notices led to 167 illegal gambling machines being removed from operation, with more expected in the near future.

On top of this, assets associated with illegal gambling operations have been seized and liquidated, marking yet more significant progress.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board hopes such actions will further disrupt the financial networks sustaining these illegal practices.