Authorities in Michigan have netted 48 computers, two gaming machines and $13,260 in an illegal gambling bust at The Flint Arcade.

The Michigan Department of Attorney General, Michigan Gaming Control Board, state investigators, Michigan State Police, Genesee County Sheriff’s Office and Flint Police department were all involved as a search warrant at 3301 Corunna Road revealed an illegal storefront gambling operation.

It’s not the first time the location has been used as an illegal gambling hideout. The release states that the very same site was previously served with a warrant by the Michigan Attorney General’s office on 18 August, 2022 following a MGCB investigation. The incumbent company at the time, The Cellular Vault, was raided and police confiscated $2,572 and 43 computers used for illegal gambling.

This time, the raid was even more lucrative. The raid came after anonymous tip-offs from citizens of Michigan. Tips suggested another illegal gambling operation had opened at the same location, and was offering citizens the opportunity to play games of chance akin to slots. It was operating under the trading name “The Flint Arcade”.

MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams said: ““Storefront casinos and illegal gambling pose significant risks to communities, both socially and economically. Since they can often attract criminal activity and draw customers away from legitimate businesses that positively contribute to the local economy, it is essential that these types of operations get shut down to prevent customers from falling prey to fraudulent schemes and protect them from potential harm.”

The Flint Arcade was in breach of the Michigan Penal Code which prohibits any kind of gambling except for activities with are authorized by state law, and regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Michigan offers a full suite of gambling products, including sports betting and online casino. Businesses found to be offering gray machines face criminal charges and/or monetary fines.

Williams concluded: “The MGCB is committed to working with the proper authorities to create a safer and more transparent gaming environment for Michigan citizens. The agency is dedicated to helping communities statewide remove gaming machines used for gambling from storefront operations, gas stations, and convenience stores, and we encourage residents to call us with tips.”