The Iowa sports betting scandal involving college football players rumbles on, with four Iowa State football players and three more members of the Iowa football program charged. The charges claim that several athletes placed wagers on games in which they participated.

ESPN reports that players face charges of tampering with records, an aggravated misdemeanour, for allegedly concealing their identity in electronic wagering activities.

Which players are involved?

The players include:

  • Running back Jirehl Brock
  • Offensive tackle Jack Remsburg
  • Defensive tackle Isaiah Lee
  • Tight end DeShawn Hanika
  • Wide receiver Jack Johnson
  • Former player Arland Bruce IV
  • Former player Reggie Bracy
  • Student Manager Owen O’Brien

Arland Bruce has since moved to Oklahoma State. Sports wagering in Oklahoma remains illegal, with the tribal dominated nature of the state unlikely to see doors open to commercial operators in the near future. The breaches occurred while Bruce was at Iowa.

The four current athletes have not been practicing with the team, while Oklahoma revealed Bruce has been practicing with the team. This is the second batch of charges, bringing the total number of athletes charged to above 12. Most notable is Iowa’s projected starting quarterback Hunter Dekkers.

The charge levied on the players can carry a fine ranging from just shy of $900 to over $8,500. It also can carry a jail sentence of up to two years. In addition, per the stringent NCAA rules surrounding betting, athletes who breach sports betting rules and regulation can face permanent exclusion the sport.

Iowa State said in a statement: “Since becoming aware of potential NCAA eligibility issues related to sports wagering by several of our student-athletes back in May, Iowa State University has been actively working to address these issues with the involved student-athletes, and that process remains ongoing. We will continue to support our student-athletes as our compliance staff works with the NCAA to sort out questions surrounding their future eligibility for athletics competition.”

What were the Iowa sports betting breaches?

Per an affidavit obtained by ESPN, breaches for the players are as follows:

  • Jirehl Brock: 1,327 wagers totalling more than $12,050 under a DraftKings account associated with a non-athlete, including three games in which he participated.
  • Arland Bruce IV: Worked together with Bracy to wager while underage, using an account registered to Vincent Bruce, who is over 21. Bruce wagered 11 times in 2021 on games he participated in, and 8 in 2022. He made 132 wagers totalling over $4,342.
  • Reggie Bracy: 66 wagers totalling $715 while underage, including 2 games in which he participated.
  • Isiah Lee: Wagering through an account registered to his fiancée, including 12 Iowa State games in which he played during 2021-22.
  • DeShawn Hanika: Wagering through his mother’s DraftKings account. 70 wagers on Iowa State basketball games amongst 288 total mobile wagers amounting to $1,262. He is set to enter a not guilty plea
  • Jack Remsburg: Wagering through his mother’s online account to make 273 wagers, with 6 NCAA events involved.
  • Jack Johnson: Wagering through his mother’s DraftKings account. He did not wager on games in which he played, but bet on two Iowa games. He allegedly made 380 wagers totalling more than $1,800 while underage.
  • Owen O’Brien: Wagering through his mother’s FanDuel account. He stands accused of making more than 350 wagers while underage, including three on Iowa football games while he was on staff.