iGaming Ontario is seeking proposals as it looks to offer customers a self-exclusion solution.

Successful bidders for the opportunity will have until April 24 to state their case and submit proposals for the scheme.

iGaming Ontatio’s initial plans were revealed in November, but proposals for the self-exclusion scheme are now being accepted. It’s been two years since the Canadian province first launched in April 2022.

In a statement on their website, iGaming Ontario said: “The successful bidder will develop a system that integrates seamlessly with all Ontario iGaming operators’ systems, including Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s iGaming site,

“The system must also provide anyone aged 19 or over with “easy access to create and manage their self-exclusion profile,

“A successful system would “implement KYC identity verification, registration, renewal and reinstatement processes that are intuitive, simple and offer supporting information.”

Any organisation that has an interest in submitting a bid can do so by visiting iGaming Ontario’s dedicated procurement page on MERX, where they can review all NRFP details and prepare their submissions.

What Is A Self-Exclusion Scheme Like The One iGaming Ontario Is Introducing?

Self-exclusion schemes are a tool for those who have realized their gambling habits may be harmful to them. It is a great way for people to limit their own gambling and bet responsibly.

In practice, when operators offer such schemes, the customer enters into an agreement whereby the operator will refuse to let you bet with them for a pre-agreed length of time.

These schemes can be between one person and one operator, or else you can request self-exclusion from multiple locations or companies.

Many countries also offer the ability to self-exclude from all forms of online gambling with one blanket request.

It is law in many places around the world for gambling businesses to offer these kind of schemes.