Flutter Entertainment has seen its move from the London Stock Exchange to the New York Stock Exchange be supported by shareholders.

Flutter Shareholders Back Move To New York Stock Exchange

Flutter’s primary listing will now move from the London Stock Exchange to the New York Stock Exchange after being supported by shareholders.

During a regulated conference meeting in Dublin on May 1st, reports indicate that a list of shareholders were heavily in favor in completing the move to NYCSE.

In January 2024, Flutter Entertainment confirmed that its shares would be removed from the Irish Stock Exchange, specifically from Euronext in Dublin.

This came as the company wanted to drop down to just two listings, slimming down to just London and New York – helping to smooth out the day-to-day activities and lowering issues.

This decision to switch from LSE to NYSE will reach its completion in the coming weeks and be in full effect by the beginning of June.

Although Flutter chose to maintain its secondary listing in the LSE, allowing for shares to still be traded, the company will now leave London’s FTSE vertical.

In the final week of April, Flutter Entertainment revealed its results for the fiscal year in 2023 and saw a 24.6% increase in overall revenue.

When looking into the report, the biggest takeaway was the impact from the United States, as the country brought a huge increase in revenue – as FanDuel’s operations brought a 40.7% increase.

During the opening 11 weeks in 2024, Flutter saw a substantial rise in revenue and around 55.6% of this came through revenue made in the United States.

This choice to move into the NYSE comes at a time where other European companies are moving into the US markets, as overall valuations are said to be more lucrative.

Flutter owns a list of popular UK betting sites, including Paddy Power and Betfair, but is also popular in New York through PokerStars.