We’ve listed the world’s five biggest casinos, with some mind-blowing locations. These jaw-dropping juggernauts make local gambling halls look tiny.

With four of the top five biggest casinos on earth located in Macau, it’s no surprise the former Portuguese territory is known as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’.

Located on the South Coast of China, the autonomous region was controlled by Portugal until as recently as 1999.

Famed for its giant casinos and malls, Macau boasts incredible city views and is the most densely populated region on earth.

But while several of the biggest casinos on the planet are located there, not of of them are. Below, we’ve listed the biggest casinos to be found anywhere on Earth.

The Top Five Biggest Casinos In The World

5. Galaxy Macau – Size: 400,000 square feet

galaxy macau top five biggest casinos

Starting off our top five list is the Galaxy Hotel in Macau. The $1.9 billion project opened in 2011 and is one of Macau’s most luxurious sites.

Despite having 20,000 square feet less area than the next entry, Galaxy Macau actually offers more games than City of Dreams. With most games packed into a tighter area, Galaxy Macau maximises its extensive space.

For those on a budget, you can play roulette for less than many casinos. Other locations typically have a 100 MOP ($12.50) inside and 500 MOP ($62.50) outside minimum, but Galaxy Macau offers 50 MOP / 200 MOP minimums.

On top of this, rooms in the Galaxy Hotel are often more affordable, and come with a free minibar.

4. City of Dreams Macau – Size: 420,000 square feet

City of Dreams macau

Fourth spot goes to another Macau casinos, the City of Dreams. Located just in front of the Wynn Palace, it features modern hotel rooms which are controlled via iPad.

With striking decor and three main gaming area, the City of Dreams has an abundance of high-limit games and VIP zones.

It also features around 400 more games than Wynn Palace, though fewer than the Galaxy Hotel as mentioned.

You will still need to pay $250 per hand in baccarat, while the casino can take both bets if you double down against the blackjack dealer.

3. Wynn Palace Macau – Size: 424,000 square feet

Wynn Palace Macau

If you haven’t already noticed the Macau trend, here’s another mega-casino for you. Wynn Palace is the third-biggest casino in the world, with seven of the ten largest on earth located in Macau.

A home for high-rollers, most table games in Wynn Palace have extremely high minimum bets. Centered around baccarat, Wynn Palace carries a 3,000 MOP (roughly $375 USD) minimum per hand. For blackjack, the minimum bet is 500 MOP (about $65 USD) per hand.

King-sized rooms at the five-star Wynn Palace range from $300-$750 per night, depending on the dates and optional extras.

2. WinStar World Casino – Size: 519,000 square feet

WinStar World Casino

Located in the middle of nowhere, WinStar World Casino dominated the landscape of Thackerville, Oklahoma.

The only facility on this list not to be in Macau, the largest casino is the US sits on the Texas-Oklahoma border, in a town with a population of just 400.

Also home to the ranch of four-time Super Bowl winner, Terry Bradshaw, Thackerville is a far cry from the sprawling metropolis of Macau.

There is some debate about the true size of WinStar’s gaming floor, with its own website claiming it to be the “biggest casino in the world.”

Owned by the Chickasaw Nation, WinStar World Casino states it has the largest collection of electronic and table games anywhere in the world.”

1. Venetian Macau – Size: 546,000 square feet

Venetian Macau

But even WinStar World doesn’t top this place. Owned by Sands Resorts Macau, the Venetian is second to none.

The biggest casinos on earth is home to over half a million square feet of gaming space. With 6,000+ slot machines and at least 800 table games, its scale is mind-blowing.

Not only the world’s biggest casino, it’s also one of the planets largest buildings by floor area.

The 39-story building has 10,500,000 square feet of total area, making it the tenth-largest building anywhere in the world.

It also features the 15,000-seat Cotai Arena, which is used for sporting events and entertainment.

Modeled on the Las Vegas Venetian, the Macau casino is on the famed Cotai Strip, boasting over a dozen billion-dollar locations.

There is still debate over which casino is truly the biggest, but we believe the Venetian Macau to have the most floor space of any casino on earth.