Fanatics Betting And Gaming has formed a new partnership with Continent 8 Technologies in an attempt to grasp a further hold in the US market.

Fanatics Betting And Gaming Partners With Continent 8 Technologies

The betting site will now implement a variety of Continent 8’s technology, in hopes of utilizing a new digital infrastructure.

By forming this relationship, Fanatics is aiming to grow across online casino and online sport wagering market in North America.

Currently, Fanatics features the digital network that offers solutions for a smooth customer experience from Continent 8 Technologies.

Alongside this infrastructure, Fanatics also holds all of the state data centers through AWS Outputs – allowing the betting site to work with Continent 8 further.

To fully involve itself with Fanatics, Continent 8 is overseeing the infrastructure that is located on all of the betting sites premises.

These services are currently in 20 states across North America, which includes West Virginia, New York, Michigan and Vermont.

Its success across the country has been clear over recent years and now holds one of the largest networks in the world – linking to over 100 locations in 30 different states.

Utilizing the state-of-the-art technology is not the only decision Fanatics has made in in relation to Continent 8 Technologies.

It wall also use Continent 8’s Gaming Exchange, which is a private internet that lets users connect to a safe VPN through Continent 8’s network.

By utilizing this feature, users that are signed up with Fanatics can share a huge amount of traffic at the lowest latency – in a private and safe manner.

Michael Tobin, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Continent 8 Technologies, was full of praise for the new partnership and feels it will help deliver a ‘top-quality’ customer experience.

He said (Via Continent 8 “We have worked with Fanatics Betting and Gaming – a top-tier US operator – from day one of their launch, supporting them as they have grown state-by-state.

“Fanatics is a high-caliber operator that understands the importance of infrastructure in delivering the top-quality player experience it is building its reputation on.

“Our leading digital infrastructure solutions provide the reliable connectivity operators need to deploy their online sportsbooks and casinos in regulated US states quickly and compliantly.”