DragonGaming has made a huge step in strengthening its operations, after integrating Flows’ No-Code Automation features.

DragonGaming Completes Integration Of Flows No Code Automation

Dragon Gaming is a notorious slot game provider and adopting Flows’ No-Code Automation to help strengthen and improve speed for future integrations.

DG is hoping to mold the future of online entertainment and has now included Flows into its network, which should improve the overall efficiency when creating new titles.

Flows has specific qualities that support companies in completing new integrations and use the single interface, alongside a high-tech workflow automation feature.

The company made another revolutionary step by creating ‘Flo’, which is an AI software development tool that is used through speech.

Ivars Dorofejevs, business development manager at DragonGaming, has spoke about the future at Flows and how the involvement with DragonGaming will improve the customer experience.

He said: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Flows, whose solutions offer unparalleled versatility. This collaboration empowers us to customize and expand our offerings to partners, ensuring relevance and setting new standards in the market.”

Another key member in this integration, Domenico Mazzola, director of sales at Flows, was also positive about the agreement with DragonGaming and how engagement tools can be fully utilized.

He said: “By enhancing their game offerings with our platform, DragonGaming is not just elevating player engagement but is also setting a new benchmark for innovation in the gaming industry. This move marks an exciting future where technology and creativity blend to enrich the gaming experience.”

Joining with DragonGaming is not the only partnership Flows has made in recent times, as the company received a strategic investment from gambling site, Light & Wonder.

L&W has been involved with Flows for an extended period of time, using the same no-code automation tool and helping progress the feature into new realms.