DraftKings has edged ahead of FanDuel for the first time in Ohio by handle in July, taking $116.2 million to FanDuel’s $106.7 million.

Total Ohio mobile sports betting handle was down 8.3% month-over-month in Ohio from $348.4 million to $319.6 million. Revenue, however, rose 13.5% from $32.0 million in June to $35.9 million in July.

The breakdown for July, by operator (top five) is as follows:

Ohio mobile sports betting market share: July 2023

Operator Handle ($m) GGR ($m) Market Share by Handle Market Share by GGR
DraftKings 116.2 11.8 36.4% 32.9%
FanDuel 106.7 14.0 33.4% 39.0%
bet365 23.6 2.9 7.4% 8.1%
BetMGM 23.0 2.8 7.2% 7.8%
Caesars 17.8 1.2 5.6% 3.3%

Although DraftKings has usurped FanDuel for the first time with regards to handle, the latter still edged ahead on revenue after promotional deductions.

Ohio mobile sports betting market share: June 2023

Operator Handle ($m) GGR ($m) Market Share by Handle Market Share by GGR
DraftKings 117.5 9.3 33.7% 29.0%
FanDuel 120.3 14.0 34.5% 43.8%
bet365 26.5 2.7 7.6% 8.4%
BetMGM 25.8 2.3 7.4% 7.2%
Caesars 20.4 1.2 5.9% 3.8%

From June to July, DraftKings handle declined 1.1%, whereas FanDuel and all other operators in the top five experienced handle decreases of over 10%. FanDuel and bet365 both dropped 11.3% month-over-month, with BetMGM the hardest hit, losing 13.2% handle from June to July. Caesars wasn’t far behind with a 12.7% reduction.

Although FanDuel remained top dog on raw revenue figures, growth was stagnant. Only FD and Caesars experienced miniscule revenue growth (below 1%) where DraftKings grew 26.9% month-over-month, and BetMGM 21.7%. Bet365 also grew, but by a meager 7.4%.

The top five companies equated to nearly 90% of online sports betting handle in July, with the 10% remaining made up of the remaining 13 mobile operators.

The Ohio mobile market is set to be more congested next month, as Bally’s Corporation has officially launched in the state in August. Ohio-exclusive bookmaker betJACK also completed a revamp of its mobile app as it aims to compete with the big-hitters.