The Colorado Division of Gaming has officially launched the state’s Self-Exclusion program in the midst of September’s Responsible Gaming Education Month.

The options available to Colorado bettors who wish to apply to be self-excluded are one year, three years or five years. Individual self-exclusion would exclude a person from all forms of gaming under the regulatory oversight of the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming, including gambling in-person at retail casinos and placing sports wagers both in-person and online.

Previously, the Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado (BGCC) enrolled individuals and managed the self-exclusion list. It has all been moved more centrally now, with everything under one umbrella.

Colorado’s responsible gaming rules and operator duties were established for Colorado casino operators in Limited Gaming Rule 29, and for Colorado sports betting vendors in Sports Betting Rule 9. They also provide guidance to those who wish to exclude themselves from gaming in the Centennial State. The self-exclusion list has, and will continue to be disseminated to all gambling-related businesses in Colorado so they can take responsibility for the prevention of problem gambling.

The Division of Gaming expects the majority of self-exclusion to take place online, with a form being used to begin exclusion. For those wishing to do so in person, a Colorado Division of Gaming office must be visited, or the form must be printed, notarized and mailed to the office.

Christopher Schroder, Director of the Colorado Division of Gaming commented: “The Division of Gaming is committed to promoting responsible gaming in the Colorado gaming industry, and the launch of the state’s Self-Exclusion program is an exciting advancement for our state.”

He added: “We appreciate all of the work that the PGCC has done to get the self-exclusion program to this point. They are an excellent partner in this important work”.

The regulator is looking to build a ‘robust and technology leveraged website’ to ensure the speed and efficiency of sign-up and information dissemination is optimal.