The American Gaming Association conducted its latest ‘Gaming Industry Outlook’ analysis and deemed the industry activity to be positive.

American Gaming Association Remains Positive After Industry Analysis

In a report that was released on Tuesday, the American Gaming Association revealed that the majority of gaming executives found the current activity within the industry to be good or satisfactory.

The feedback was evenly split, with 44% of the executives labeling the state of affairs as good and 50% opted with satisfactory – which is supported by the reports from the third quarter last year.

Things are also on the rise for the industry, as the executives who took part in the survey believe the future for gambling in the US is positive.

Another 32% of CEOs in the respective gambling businesses believe there will be some necessary improvements over the next six months.

The Gaming Industry Outlook also highlighted the key factor of an increase in the overall investment to hotels during the rest of 2024.

The AGA also focused on the amount invested in food and beverages during 2024, which is expected to decrease from the previous year.

A spokesperson from the AGA said: “Meanwhile, 44% of CEOs expect increases in food and beverage investment, down from 67% in Q3 2023.”

Executives in the industry should also see a substantial increase in their balance sheets during the next six months, but the AGA also revealed that more hiring and increased revenue may impact this.

The AGA spokesperson said: “These expectations for decelerating growth have influenced expectations for increases in capital investment and gaming units in operation, with smaller net positive sentiments than before.”

Bill Miller, AGA’s CEO and president, also acknowledged the blatant improvement within the gaming industry and admits that expectations have now risen.

Bill Miller said: “Gaming’s record-setting growth over the last three years has set a new standard for industry success.

“However, as we enter a period of market normalization, continued investment and innovation in offering world-class, responsible entertainment experiences will be required to maintain industry momentum.”