A gambling bill in Alabama has failed to pass in the latest legislative session, after missing out on a singular vote in the Senate.

Alabama Bill Fails To Pass In Latest Legislative Session

Alabama has failed to pass a gambling bill in the latest Senate meeting, as the bill focuses on lottery, the best slot games and video poker machines.

The bill managed to gain approval from the House, however, it missed out on one vote in the Senate and will not be discussed in the final day of legislation.

Originally, the bill managed to pass through the house and would see sports betting apps, the lottery and 10 new casinos enter Alabama.

During the conference, where the committee analyzed the bill and after stripping it down the bill was left with offering a new lottery and slot machines – but this was still denied by the Senate.

A report from the Associated Press revealed that Senators were ‘less receptive’ to the preposition which had slot machines and video poker.

However, the group were willing to accept plans for a lottery and placing machines in the state that allow users to bet on horse racing.

Republican House Speaker, Nathaniel Ledbetter, spoke about the efforts being made to pass the bill and how residents are keen on the implementation of a gambling bill.

He said: “There was a lot of effort to try to make it work, I think the people want a chance to vote. I hear that everywhere I go.”

Kav Ivey, Alabama Governor, was also keen on seeing the bill be put up for a vote and allowing residents to decide, but dismissed any chance of a ‘special session’ unless the Senate can find an agreement with lawmakers.

The Alabama Governor said: “We wanted people to have a chance to vote on this issue.”