Betting operator is running a unique event in which a professional bettor will take on ChatGPT-4 in a prediction game for the upcoming NFL season.

In “BURNS VS BOT”, Adam Burns, a former professional bettor and Sportsbook Manager for will take on indomitable robot ChatGPT-4.

Edward Knight, Chief Marketing Officer at BetOnline commented: “This is the first time in sports betting history a professional in the gambling world has gone head-to-head with ChatGPT-4. The score is nil-nil right now. We’re confident in our guy, but it’s hard to beat the bot.”

What are the rules?

  • Burns and ChatGPT will make weekly picks against the spread for every game of the 2023 NFL season
  • The competition will use fixed pointspreads established every Tuesday at 17:00 ET
  • Both participants must submit picks no later than Wednesday at 17:00 ET each week
  • All spreads are set with half points to eliminate ties

Has ChatGPT-4 been trained?

  • Injury Reports: ChatGPT-4 is fed real-time injury reports, including updates on players who may be sidelined due to injuries
  • Roster Matchups: ChatGPT has been provided comprehensive roster matchup data, with in-depth player statistics, analysis of positions and historical performance in a head-to-head capacity
  • Historical Game Data: provided the AI with access to past game data, including previous head-to-head and allows the AI to build a broader picture and ‘take into account factors like home-field advantage’
  • Weather Conditions: Real-time weather data has been incorporated into ChatGPT-4’s knowledge base
  • Coaching Strategies: ChatGPT-4 has access to information about coaching staff, play-calling tendencies and in-game decision making

How’s it looking for Week One?

The pair have seven identical picks, with the remainder being different. In the season opener, GPT-4 has opted for the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, whereas Burns has taken the line on the Lions.

What does it mean for the customer?

The company will be allowing real-money wagers on who will come out on top in the contest each week. Additionally, they are able to bet on whether Burns or ChatGPT-4 will achieve a 65% win rate. Further, the company has teased ‘random cash prizes’ for weeks when Burns loses to the bot.