A report from marketing analysis company iSpot.tv has shown FanDuel’s TV ad impressions lead the way amongst sportsbook operators, climbing 25% year-over-year from January 1 to August 15.

41.3% of all sportsbook television ad impressions were delivered during non-sports programming, versus 25.9% in 2022, showing operators pivot towards a wider-audience that may not traditionally partake in sports betting.

The breakdown of TV ad impressions by operator, per the iSpot.tv analysis:

  • FanDuel: 48.79%
  • DraftKings: 20.74%
  • BetMGM: 16.37%
  • PointsBet: 3.04%
  • FoxBet: 3.02%
  • Other: 8.04%

Analysis specific to FanDuel shows that overall share of sportsbook TV ad impressions grew from 39.82% to 48.79% year-over-year during the same period (Jan 1 through August 15). 41.3%. Impressions for FanDuel on fan-favorite sitcom Friends comprised 5.82% of the operators’ total.

DraftKings, however, took a different approach. Ad impressions during NBA games grew by over 3x versus the same period last year. iSpot.tv adds that the impression share grew from 16.8% to 20.74%.

Interestingly, two of the top five are brands that will no longer be on the US sports betting scene shortly. PointsBet shareholders this week approved the two phase shareholder payout plan following the agreed sale of the company to Fanatics Betting and Gaming earlier in the year.

Fox Bet will shutter all operations at the end of July, announced after a court ruled in favor of Flutter in a dispute about Fox Bet’s option to acquire a 18.6% stake in FanDuel. The arbiter ruled that Fox could acquire the shares at the market fair value, nearly double the price that Fox argued.

The top five programs for sportsbook ad impressions were:

  • NBA: 17.81%
  • NFL: 13.4%
  • Friends: 3.15%
  • PGA Tour: 2.98%
  • SportsCenter: 1.76%


The television networks ranking by ad impressions were:

  • TNT: 16.98%
  • Fox: 10.16%
  • TBS: 7.81%
  • CBS: 7.45%
  • ESPN: 6.9%
  • NBC: 4.6%
  • ABC: 4.36%


Despite FanDuel’s strong performance with television ad impressions, market share by handle and revenue where its reported is actually falling.


Analysts from Truist noted DraftKings led FanDuel recently for the first time, with DK on 37.3% and FD being on 35.4%. In July, with the available data, FanDuel had edged back ahead with 37.1% compared to DraftKings’ 36.6%.


According to Deutsche Bank, DraftKing’s GGR market share has risen to 35.1% overall.