S’mores are the perfect summer dessert—gooey, chocolatey, melt-in-your-mouth, and ideal for lazy summer nights outside. Biting into a burnt-black marshmallow never fails to remind me of my childhood growing up on the beach. But even if you’re not at a bonfire, s’mores are a delicious option for a sweet treat. With a few weeks left in summertime, it’s exactly the right time to try these recipes. Read on for 5 yummy twists on s’mores!

1. Fried S’mores

Everything is better fried. I’m sorry; this is just a fact. My first night after moving to the South, I ate fried Oreos for the first time, and my life was changed forever. These s’mores look just as good, with the perfect combination of melty and crunchy. Your friends will thank you.

2. S’mores Dip

S’mores without the effort of putting them together! On Chopped these would be called Deconstructed S’mores, but here I’m just calling them freaking delicious. This is so easy I’m not even sure it’s a recipe (put chocolate in bowl, melt, add marshmallows), but sometimes you just need a basic marshmallow-chocolate combo.

3. S’mores Cupcakes

Graham cracker crust. Chocolate cupcake. Toasted marshmallow fluff topping. Need I say more? These cupcakes are made from scratch, so they require more time and effort, but they also probably taste way better. And just look how adorable! I honestly could just stare at these and admire them.

4. S’mores Bars

Like s’mores, but frozen. Perfect for these last few summer nights in August, if you need to cool down. And this recipe has marshmallow fluff AND mini marshmallows. Honestly, all recipes should have both. If you crave s’mores but fear burning your mouth or hate melted chocolate, this is your solution.

5. S’mores Truffles

Okay. Confession time. I am crazy obsessed with Tasty videos. My preferred way of viewing them is curled in bed, scrolling down my Facebook feed, sound off, before I pause and watch the thirty peaceful seconds of someone cooking better than I can. NOTHING soothes me like watching Tasty videos on mute. And man, these truffles are no exception. Plus, bite-size and sea-salted, they make the perfect sweet snack.