You know that any recipe that begins with a stick of butter is off to a good start. If you’re looking for an easy twist on spaghetti that’s incredibly kid-friendly, you’ve come to the right place.

spaghettiEver since I can remember, my Bubbie (Yiddish for grandmother) and my great uncle would make a very special batch of spaghetti known as “Bubbie’s Spaghetti”. I’m not sure where this dish originated, or even if it’s unique to Jewish home cooking. I’ve taken an unscientific poll, and while some of my Jewish friends have heard of this dish, others had no idea what I was taking about. I imagine it was born during the depression era, because all of the ingredients to make this dish are very affordable.

You start off by melting a stick of butter in a saute pan and adding one small onion, thinly sliced. Cook the onion until it’s lightly caramelized. You could add a clove or two of garlic, but I don’t remember this being part of the original recipe.

Toss your cooked spaghetti with the sautéed onions, and here’s the best part. Pour in enough Campbell’s Tomato Soup to nicely coat the noodles. It’s important not to leave them too dry. Remember, the sauce is the boss. Pour the noodles into a baking dish and bake at 400° until the top is golden brown and crispy.

Super simple, right? Not only is it comforting on those cold nights, but it’s quick, easy and delicious! The best part? You probably have all of the ingredients you need to make this in your kitchen right now.

You can certainly personalize your Bubbie’s spaghetti by adding ground beef or turkey, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed green peppers, grated cheddar cheese, fresh basil, Sriracha, etc… the list goes on and on. I hope you find yourself turning to this recipe when you need a quick meal to take the edge off.

Do you have an off-the-beaten-path family recipe that goes way back? I would love to hear about it!