Pizza Hut has reworked their menu, giving New York customers a chance to add unique flavored crusts and drizzles to their pizzas, such as adding curry flavor to the crust or adding a honey Sriracha sauce. This revamped menu is something many well known restaurant chains that have been around for a while are trying out. There are a number of customers that have seemingly turned their backs on chain restaurants and demand higher quality food with more variety and exotic flavors.

It was announced Monday the changes Pizza Hut’s making to the menu and even an updated logo. Company executives have hope that the menu changes, new logo and more relaxed uniforms for employees can help jump start sales. These changes were said to become available on November 19 which Pizza Hut simply posted on Twitter.

A similar concept has taken place in California where McDonald’s customers can actually build their own burgers. They choose everything from the bun, patty and toppings they would like.

The change to the menu will allow people to design their pizza from a list of options at no extra cost. There will be 6 options for the pizza sauce which include marinara, garlic parmesan and honey Sriracha. Customers will also have the option of adding a swirl of flavor to the pizza such as balsamic and buffalo.

Those aren’t the only creative options however, Pizza Hut is also letting customers choose one of 10 flavors to have brushed onto the crust, two examples are salted pretzel and fiery red pepper. More toppings will be added to the menu and the usual toppings are getting renamed to be more appealing. For example, black olives will be called “Mediterranean black olives” and red onions will become “fresh red onions,” although the ingredients will remain the same.

The famous red roof logo will be updated so that it’s white against a swirling red circle and the chain’s employee uniforms will switch to jeans and a T-shirt, instead of a polo shirt with black pants.