Oreo has created a new must-have for any classic Easter basket: marshmallow Peeps-flavored Oreo cookies. The new limited-edition flavor is sure to be a shopping cart staple for the upcoming spring season.

According to People Food, the limited-edition cookies have already been spotted on Walmart’s website and are expected to hit stores nationwide Feb. 22. They cost $4.49 per package.

POPSUGAR describes the new golden Oreos as being filled with bright-pink marshmallow creme with what appears to be sanding sugar. Given that people can’t seem to decide whether marshmallow Peeps are actually delicious or disgusting, let’s hope these new cookies taste just as good as they look.

Other limited-edition flavors Oreo has released over the years include candy cane, birthday cake, gingerbread and candy corn.

Social Media Reacts to New Marshmallow Peeps-Flavored Oreos

Will you be trying the new limited-edition Peeps Oreos? What’s your opinion on the classic Peeps candy? Sound off in the comments section below!

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