Last night, I went to a wing place to conquer their XXX Hot Wing Challenge. The premise of the challenge was to eat 12 wings in half an hour. I figured the wings couldn’t be THAT hot, because you had to eat 12 of them. Turned out I was right. The problem was, they were TRYING to make them hot so they tasted gross. So, the most difficult part of the challenge wasn’t the spice–or lack thereof–but it was trying to choke the food down. I finished the challenge in nine minutes, and I felt kind of gross. I got a free drink, because I won. So, I had to run and get some soda to get a different taste in my mouth. The taste was so overpowering, I couldn’t taste the first few gulps of soda. Was it worth the ten dollar gift certificate, t-shirt and free drink? I suppose it was, just because I’m a sucker for challenges. It got me thinking though, do shows like Man vs. Food force food establishments to come up with challenges to make them seem cooler?

There are challenges in Arizona that I am aware of, like the slider challenge at Chompies in Phoenix. Also, there is a burger challenge in Tucson, Arizona. Due to shows like that, it makes me wonder if crappy restaurants make up challenges on purpose to get themselves a little more relevance. However, all it does is make people eat really crappy food. So, if you’re going to make a challenge, at least make the food taste good.