Which Country Drinks the Most Beer Per Capita?

*All figures are from 2012 and taken from the Global Beer Consumption Report

It is officially the month of October and Oktoberfest festivities will be coming to an end this weekend. Big annual events like Oktoberfest are not only great for our morale and spirits but it’s even better for the economy. Oktoberfest has been documented to generate over USD1.3 billion in revenue which translates to over 2 per cent of Germany’s GDP.

Beer is just not beneficial to the German economy, it has a great affect all over the world. According to a report from the Conference Board of Canada, beer creates 1 out of every 100 Canadian jobs and supports over 163,000 jobs across the country.

For every dollar spent on beer in Canada, the impact on Canada’s GDP is $1.12, while generating $5.8 billion in tax revenues to various levels of government every year. Their neighbors also benefit quite well from this alcoholic beverage. Beer distributor activities in the United States contribute nearly $10.3 billion to the federal, state and local tax bases. This does not include the nearly $11 billion in federal, state and local alcohol excise and consumption taxes. This industry directly employs more than 130,000 people in the United States and adds $54 billion to the nation’s GDP.

The European hospitality sector has created over 1 trillion Euro in production since 2010, equal to 8.1% of the EU’s total economic output. Various members of the European Parliament attribute the brewing sector as a key factor to the EU’s growth in job creation. British Politician Emma McClarkin said,

“At a time of stagnating economic growth and spiraling youth unemployment, and given the importance of the hospitality sector as a driver of growth and jobs, we need to be sure that policies are helping hospitality and closely linked sectors such as beer, not hindering them.”

Even in times of economic turmoil, the beer industry seems recession-proof. The global beer industry is forecast to grow to $496.6 billion in 2014. China will lead the way with a 39.7% increase in beer revenue followed by Brazil and Vietnam, once again showcasing that all parts of the world are benefiting from this beverage in more ways than one.