Bob's Burgers Specials On Menu At Philly Restaurant

Bob’s Burgers specials are on the menu at Royal Tavern, a restaurant/bar in the heart of South Philadelphia. The dive bar is introducing a new burger every week that is inspired by the Fox television show.

Royal Tavern in Bella Vista has already made a name for itself as a great place to go for a quick drink and bite to eat in Philly, but now they’ve up the ante by recreating the specials from Bob’s Burgers. They will run weekly burgers based on the ones in the hit cartoon, from now until January, and they will debut on Sunday at 5PM.

Bob’s Burgers specials on the menu at Royal Tavern are sure to attract a crowd. The first burger that has been introduced is the ‘Jack-O-Lentil’, based off of the Halloween special ‘Full Bars’ where Gene dresses up as Queen Latifah. The burger is vegetarian friendly with a lentil patty, pumpkin habanero aioli, wilted spinach, tomato poblano salad, all on a brioche bun.

Bob's Burgers Specials On Menu At Philly Restaurant

Royal Tavern’s Jack-O-Lentil will only be around until Sunday, and the ‘Mushroom with a View’ will take the place of it next week. The Sunday after that can be just about anything, from the bacon based ‘Troy Oinkman’ to the ‘Burger A La Mode’ served with ice cream.

Even though it’s a unique idea, and a good one at that, bringing specials from Bob’s Burgers to life has already been done. The Bob’s Burger Experiment is a blog dedicated to making every burger from every episode, and has been going strong since last year. Nonetheless, both draw inspiration from the cartoon series.

Bob’s Burgers specials are on the menu right now at Royal Tavern. You can catch a new burger that has been featured in the cartoon every week from now until January. This week it’s the the Jack-O-Lentil, and this upcoming Sunday is the Mushroom with a View.

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