White Asparagus & Sausage at the Market

I have been dying to go to Paris for what seems like forever, and I finally got to go for two weeks! We stayed in Saint Germaine, which I would highly recommend. The neighborhood is beyond charming, extremely lively and home to a multitude of great restaurants and food markets. We chose to rent an apartment so I could have a kitchen to cook in. As amazing as the restaurants are in Paris, I go crazy if I can’t shop at local markets and cook with the beautiful ingredients. What I really ended up cooking was extremely simple: soup, salad or just a baguette with some local cheese and sausage.

marrowEscargot with Bone Marrow and Bordelaise

Everyone had told me I would get tired of the food, but I never once needed a break from the French fare. The food was delicious and if you moderate your quantities and know how to order, I don’t see how it is possible to get sick of it. In fact, I’m ready to cook some French food right now!

We only ate at simple brasseries and bistros, since I much prefer a romantic simple cozy place over a fancy one. To me, French food parallels Midwest cooking. When I reflect on the very best home cooking I had growing up in Iowa, I can’t help but see it: the fresh produce highlighted so simply, the braised meats falling off the bone, potatoes made with love and cream, butter used in just the right way, very simple freshwater fish and everything cooked perfectly, simply and without apology.

pastaBraised Lamb Shank, Endive Salad and Potatoes Dauphine

The Chopping Block’s French cooking classes are still as popular as always, and after this trip I am reminded of why. French food is AMAZING and the techniques are not that much different from how most people cook at home. The recipes can be prepared all year long and people never get sick of them. I suggest expanding your repertoire of French recipes in some of our upcoming classes: April in Paris, Celebrating Julia Child and Paris in the Spring!

What’s your favorite French food? Please share in the comments.