An online website said it best with this poem:

“Beef and chicken, shrimp and pork,

Oriental with a fork,

Small silver packets shine and shine,

Their purpose in life: to blow my mind,

Lots of water, cooked or dry,

I don’t care, just let me try,

One pack, two pack, three pack, four,

I just keep wanting more and more…”

As college students, we want cheap food. We are living off of meager budgets and we’re always looking for ways to save money. One of the best ways to do so is to shop cheap at the grocery store. One of the cheapest items you will find at the store is Ramen. And it is basically a whole meal! So, as a college student, and a cheap one at that, I would like to write a letter praising Ramen in all its goodness.

Dear Ramen,

It was just a few years ago when I barely knew you. Now you have become one of my very good friends. Every time I walk by you in the grocery store I think to myself, how? How can such an amazing food be so cheap? For less than 20 cents a packet, you sure do never fail to surprise me. I love your crunchy noodles and how it takes merely minutes to soften them. Some people may call you gross and high in sodium but not me. I love you for all you’re worth. All 20 cents of you. Although you don’t always fill me up, I still love how warm you are especially on a cold day.

Ramen, I judged you when I first met you. I told myself that I would never partake in your goodness as long as I was in college. Little did I know that you have great benefits that I did not even know existed. Sometimes, I add chicken or vegetables to your noodles and it makes for a decently healthy meal. I wish I could pay you back for all the money you save me. You are so unselfish. You provide so much and ask so very little in return. For that, I thank you Rame.

Love, Me. 

Ramen is really cheap and it really is not bad tasting. And yes, I do eat it sometimes. The letter, however, was a bit of an exaggeration. We know that Ramen is considered somewhat of a junk food, but I think it’s fine to eat if you add something of nutritious value to it. For example, add meat and some veggies in order to make it healthier. Someone suggested cooking Ramen noodles in a wok with stir fry vegetables and chicken. This would add a much healthier spin on your meal. It is so cheap and therefore, it really is hard to resist when you’re passing it at the grocery store. So buy some! You can make it a healthy meal.

About the Author

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