Not many people think about the details of culinary. The smallest things can make a total difference in the final product of any cooking venture. If you plan to cook with olive oil, there are three things you probably never considered that can make your dish better.

1. Choose quality olive oil

When purchasing ingredients, don’t neglect the oils and spices. In the world of cooking, you really do get what you pay for. Therefore, don’t settle for store brands or other low-quality olive oil products. Choose quality olive oil, such as California olive oil. The taste may be subtle at first, but you will soon discover just how much of a difference a quality brand can make.

2. Don’t over-saturate

Most inexperienced cooks make the mistake of using too much of one thing. For many, that one thing is oil. They feel that only a little bit won’t make a difference in the taste or texture of the food, so they over-saturate to compensate. However, the result of doing this is nothing short of disastrous. Over-saturating food in olive oil compresses or diminishes the natural flavors or textures of the other ingredients. Use other recipe instructions as a guideline for your own dishes. Often times, you don’t need more than a few tablespoons of olive oil.

3. Don’t add the olive oil too early or too late

This is a common mistake that many chefs make, including experienced chefs. Timing is important to help make your dish delicious. Depending on what you are making, you will either add the oil before or after the main ingredients. Experiment with the two different entry points to understand what the effects of both.

Hopefully these three tips will help you use olive oil more effectively. Never underestimate the small details in cooking. They almost always make a huge difference in the finished project.