Facebook. Twitter. Yammer?

Yammer is an interesting case in the social media world. It’s more like Jive Software than Facebook or Twitter, as it is a social media platform used for business communications (and having used it, I can tell you it’s a useful product). But, as KPCC puts it, it is ‘not exactly quite as lucrative’ a story. Yammer just raised $85 mn, which will keep it flush with capital rather than having to consider an IPO.

If we’ve learned anything from Facebook and Twitter, it’s that the better start-ups want time more than anything else. And, $85 mn buys a lot of time.

Back in the ‘old days’, companies wouldn’t wait so long to go public, but in today’s challenging markets, it pays to have a much stronger business before turning to the public capital markets.

Interestingly, it seems as though Yammer will go public when it’s big enough to have no other choices … an interesting problem to have.

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Source: KPCC