College is tough. And you know what makes it even tougher? Working 20 hours a week! For all those lucky ones out there who don’t have to work during the school year, relish in that. As for the rest of us, we must add on an additional 20 hours a week in order to keep going to school. Because most students are in need of money, they often take jobs they wouldn’t otherwise. For example, some college students are working ridiculous hours, or they have to deal with ridiculous customers. College Humor has gathered some work stories that people sent in. I guess I consider myself one of the lucky ones…these folks, not so much.

“So I work as a cashier at a large electronics store. One day while I was working a man comes up to pay for some ink and a few cables. As I am giving him his receipt and his items he hands me a some money and says, “I think you deserve a tip.” After he leaves I look at the money and its a $1,000,000,000 bill with a bunch of religious writing on it about how money is evil and only religion can save you.”

“I got a summer job at a Greek restaurant while home from college. A lady came in one day and placed an order for a German salad. My friend explained that we only serve Greek salads that come with “lettuce, tomato, olives, peppers, and feta cheese.” She insisted that was not what she wanted and asked for a German salad. My friend countered by offering her a “different” salad, telling her the same ingredients in reverse order: feta cheese, peppers, olives, tomato, and lettuce. She ordered that one instead.” 

“I work at an electrical supply house. One day my phone extension rings with a co-workers name on the caller I.D. Thought I would be a little funny so I pick up the phone and answer “City Morgue, you kill ‘em we chill ‘em.” It was a customer on the phone my co-worker had transferred to me.”

“In High School I worked at a leather store and one Saturday I was the greeter at the door. I really wasn’t paying attention when a woman who looked like a cross between Charles Manson and Hilary Clinton came through the door, threw a bucket of blood on me, screamed “Death to the cow thieves!” and ran out. I got to go home early because of possible mental trauma. Totally worth it.”

Although jobs during school can be crazy, they definitely teach us how to use our time very productively. Learning responsibility and the principles of hard work will always come in handy. You just need to make sure that you budge your time wisely, if half of it is taken up by your work schedule. A handy way to do that is to make yourself a calendar, or keep a planner.

If you choose that option, make sure that you always keep it up to date. Whenever your teacher hands down an assignment, make sure that you write it down. If you are using an electronic calendar (like Google calendar, or iCal) make sure that you set reminders, if you need them.

Next, when you actually get down to doing homework, do it! Too often people find excuses to let themselves be distracted. For example, you might think that because you’ve already worked for five, or so, hours that day you deserve a break. Although that might be true, your schedule may not allow for it. So, be smart with your homework time.

Lastly, just be smart about it. There is no end to how many obstacles you may run into as a college student (employed or not). If you are smart about how you budget your time, you will be able to enjoy a robust social life and do well in school. All that success is completely up to you.

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