why rdr is a win win situation for recruitmentFor years, accountancy has been the go-to profession for bright young talent – financial advice and financial planning barely got a look in and few wanted to join a financial advice firm on graduation.

That has slowly changed in the past decade, and now a career as an Independent Financial Advisor is being placed alongside accountancy in terms of professionalism.

RDR will further enhance that reputation and boost the talent pool as more graduates look to take level four qualifications at university that will allow them to kick-start their careers straight after graduating.

Many students are also opting for higher qualifications than those required by RDR. It is becoming more and more usual for graduates to hold level six qualifications such as the Chartered Financial Planner qualification, issued by the Chartered Insurance Institute, or the Certified Financial Planner qualification, issued by the Institute of Financial Planning.

There are lots of ways for graduates to start a rewarding career in financial services, either as an Administrator, as a trainee Paraplanner or trainee Advisor, safe in the knowledge that they are working with fellow professionals. Financial Advisors are no longer seen as the poorer relation to accountants and solicitors and are now found working alongside them to deliver holistic financial and life planning to consumers.

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