Health in not a static thing, it keeps fluctuating with time; there might arise a time in the future when you or your family members might face severe health problems and you lack sufficient funds to afford for the treatment.  Will this become the reason for your loved ones to suffer? The answer would be definitely a No! To avoid these situations and protect your loved ones from facing any problems in the future it is very important for you to have medical insurance for you as well as your family.

Health insurance

What is a medical insurance?

Medical insurance is nothing but an insurance that will help you in covering all the expenses related to hospitalization, surgeries or accidental injuries. It is an annual insurance policy that you need to renew each year. There are in general two ways to claim the insurance:

1.            Cashless:  In these cases, the insurance company will be tied up with a network of hospitals that will be covered under your policy which are called ‘In-network’ hospitals and there will be direct billing arrangements made with these hospitals. Therefore when you visit any of these hospitals for treatment you just need to submit the insurance card to the billing desk and the insurance company will directly pay the admissible amount to the hospital.

2.           Reimbursement: In the case of an emergency you cannot search for a hospital that is covered in your insurance policy and might be admitted to a hospital that is out of the network of your insurance policy. Then in such cases you will have to pay the bills out of your own money and then submit all the bills along with a claim form to the insurance company for reimbursement. The insurance company will then consider the bills and pay the amount back to you.

Benefits of the insurance:

There are numerous advantages of taking a health insurance plan for your family. Below are some of the basic benefits that will be covered by the insurance policy:

Hospital services: these services include doctors and hospital services such as the expenses when you might need to stay in the hospital for a day or two covering the cost of the stay and medication

Diagnostic services: there are many laboratory tests that will be conducted in order to diagnose your problem that may include blood tests, various screening tests, X-rays and so on. The cost of these services will also be covered up to a permissible amount according to your insurance plan.

Emergency services: there are various plans available for urgent care that will help you to cover the expenses even if you visit hospitals out of the network in case of emergencies. These emergencies may include an accident or sudden illness when you travel anywhere.

Prevention services: there are many vaccinations and routine check-ups that you might need to undergo on a regular basis in order to prevent future illness. Your health insurance plan will cover these expenses and also cam schedule for the routine visits to the doctor.