Credit: Ants magazine

The Standard & Poor’s credit rating downgrade of the U.S. currency has already begun to have its effects on stock markets at home and around the world and much is being written about what this means for the future of America. Yet neither the short-term losses nor long-terms effects have any bearing on what is America’s greatest asset – people with the ability to reinvent themselves and their country.

A movement of renewal is well underway. Leaders in the non-profit, government and private sector are reaching out to collaborate in ways not imaginable before. CEO’s, companies and employees are embracing volunteer programs in record numbers. Non-profit leaders are becoming more effective marketers. Social entrepreneurs are reinventing the way we do business and the impact it has on our planet. Grassroots movements are rebuilding cities from Detroit to New Orleans to Joplin. Baby boomers are working longer to make ends meet. Millennials are injecting the marketing place with unbridled intelligence, optimism and energy. And consumers are becoming more mindful of the impact of what they buy and the social responsibility they demand from the brands they support. Meanwhile social technology is connecting people around causes and values in unprecedented numbers and demanding more human interaction from institutions of all types and sizes.

In the face of historic government debt and limited philanthropic resources, change agents from all walks of life are taking greater responsibility for creating the future they want for themselves and their children. This country is not wanting for passion, participation or potential, and no amount of gloomy forecasts, fearful prediction or negative projections can dampen the spirits of those driving this movement. The values, work ethic, and ingenuity that built this country grow stronger through struggle and their champions will not be dissuaded from building a prosperous and sustainable future.

Where do you think responsibility for out future lies? With institutions such a governments and non profits, or with ourselves?