How great does life feel when you’re spending but saving at the same time? Yes, this is exactly what reward cards are all about. Supplement almost all your expenses, be it related to shopping, day-to-day stuff, travel, or any other, with your rewards credit cards. A recent survey by Capital One reveals that it is the motivation for this “free money” that a majority of consumers love to use their rewards card.

So if you’re in the good books of credit card companies by paying off the entire balance in that very month, plus have the privilege to boast about your excellent credit score, you must take advantage of these cards for utmost monetary savings.

If you’re too tired to venture on the quest for the best rewards cards in the market, listed below are my topmost choices for 2012 rewards cards for you:

1.      Capital One Venture Reward Cards

Although all Capital One credit cards have something special to offer, Capital One Venture Reward Cards tops my list for the rewards cards category. This card is especially beneficial for people who want to rack up their air miles without much delay. The Capital One Venture Reward Cards gives you 2 miles per purchase that you incur with the card.

Another major benefit of the Capital One Venture Reward Cards is that it has low credit card fees of $59 per year (which is waived for the first year). This card also has $0 foreign transaction fees unlike other cards.

2.      American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

The American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card is the premier privileged card from American Expresses’ linage of reward cards. The specialty of this card lies in the fact that it will pile up your air miles in the blink of an eye. An expenditure of $2000 during the first 3 months of using the card will ensure that you get 25000 bonus miles credited to your account.

This offer is followed by other attractive offers that include 3 miles for every dollar that you spend. Moreover your accumulated miles on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card will be credited by bonus 15000 points if your total expenditure is above $3000.

3.      Chase Freedom Visa

This reward card from JP Morgan Chase is ideal for the discount hungry shopper in you. The Chase Freedom Visa will give you a 5% rebate on quarterly rotating categories. Along with this you will be getting a 1% rotatory rebate for all other categories. Along with these features, the Chase Freedom Visa promises to give you a $100 sign up bonus.

The Chase Freedom Visa has no annual credit card fee and also offers a 0% APR for expenses and balance transfers during the first 15 months of using it.

While these cards surely comprise of the top 3 reward credit cards in USA at the moment, you can look into other options like Discover More Card and United Mileage Plus Explorer Card for options.

Brenda Lyttle is a finance expert and specializes in credit card issues. She recommends that you keep a record of all your Capital One credit card data as you use it along the way. This can be really helpful if you are stuck with any unforeseen credit card issues in future.