The adoption of modern claims systems has increased over the past decade, but some of those systems still have a long way to go. Beyond the basics of managing claims, combating insurance fraud, and scoring claims, many implementations lack important capabilities, as indicated in a recent article on

As noted in the chart above, a significant percentage of insurers lack the following capabilities:

  • Imaging – 24 percent
  • Document management – 25 percent
  • Workflow – 38 percent
  • Management dashboard – 49 percent

While those capabilities may have been luxuries a decade ago, today they are necessities — and they aren’t hard to find. SIU Case Manager, for example, provides this functionality to insurance SIU departments to:

  • facilitate case referrals from adjusters to the SIU, potentially increasing the number of suspicious claims investigated
  • improve the efficiency of the entire claims process, from start to finish, as a result of the product’s workflow capabilities
  • streamline the investigator’s process, particularly around documentation, record keeping, and reporting
  • cure the “monthly headache” that the SIU directors get when they have to pull reports for senior management

With SIU Case Manager, getting those reports takes only a few keystrokes.

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