Whether your business is big or small, if you want to be ahead of your competitors, having a high-quality online invoicing application, available from the top invoice companies. This will allow you to work in the speed of light, and generate invoices for receiving payments.

An online invoicing system is a process, which you get to send invoices through emails, where there is no requirement of making physical copies or printing it for your customers or clients’. It allows you to raise invoices from your online accounted software, which will help in tracking through your accounting records.

However, there are many small business owners, who are operating their business online because there are many reasons to do so. To keep it simple, invoicing online will give you the opportunity to fulfill your entire business competency, without taking too much of your precious time. This will help you concentrate on your other business areas and find out solutions to grow your business further. This document will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of using an online invoicing system, its reason for existence, and small tips.

The pros and cons of online invoice application

For freelancers and small business owners, sending invoices online has become an easy solution to increase the cash flow and keep good relations with their customers. The online invoicing application has proved to be the best solution for generating the invoice, as there is no need of sending invoices separately. There is no need to chase after your clients, to make sure that you are paid by performing, your bookkeeping and multitasking skills. These things can be done with the help of good invoicing software. They are built with advanced tools and technology, so that they can handle for the work that an invoice does, making it easier for you to breathe fresh air. Given below are of the advantages and well as disadvantages, to give you proper knowledge about invoicing.

The Advantages:

It is easy to use

Filling out all the invoices through hands can be really tiring, as you will always get the feeling of having your hand fall off, whenever you write invoices every end of the month. As a small business owner, when you take the help of an online invoicing system, all that hard work which you get to do every month will be done automatically just by the click of a button. You only need to put up your customer’s name and other information, and automatically the details will be shown, every time you wish to invoice your customer.

There is no risk of getting lost

When you send invoices with the help of a regular platform; it carries higher chances of losing your invoice. If something like this occurs, you will be filled with the question, of why your clients or customers did not think of paying you yet, even when the other side, did not get to receive your invoice in the first place. Even if your invoice makes through, your client will either forget or will not be able to find your invoice, when they themselves will be filled with piles of paperwork. Therefore, in the case of online invoicing application, it helps in eliminating both of these problems and creates a backup of your invoice copies, for future reference. This will reduce the chances of having your invoices to get lost amidst other documents.

The capabilities are enhanced

When you have an online invoice application that has an inbuilt tracking system, it will allow you to stay notified whenever your client receives your invoice. Hence, the client will have no reason for not paying you up when the time comes. A digitalized record of your invoice will be saved, and you will never feel the doubt in your mind that, whether or not your client received your invoice.

Helps in saving money

When you stop invoicing physically and sending them to your customers, it will help in reducing the wastage of paper, ink, and money. How? When you have an automated invoice generator, the amounts of cash you have spent on pens and papers will be reduced as you will only be required to send an invoice through your email, where there is no envelops, paper, pens, and other things are involved. This helps in saving not only your money but also the time.

The Disadvantages:

It spams filters

An online or electronic invoice system does all you to be paid faster, only when your customer gets to see it. At certain points, the email services givers happen to mark invoices as spam, for which they send it to a folder where users and even your customers, pay a rare at. It will put you in a difficult situation, as you will not know when your invoices are put in a spam folder.

The customers who are offline

During certain times, your potential clients or customers will not be using the internet or email, from their residence, or might not have an email account in the first place. Many customers do have the access to online invoicing, or maybe do not know how to operate one. This is because they are habituated in sending invoices through paper, and some of them might be a senior citizen, who is not at all familiar with online invoicing.

The fees

If you have a business, where you use the invoicing services of a company so that you can perform you’re online invoicing tasks. You will be required to pay that company a small cut as for their services, and these fees can be added immediately.


Whether you use online invoicing or not, it is important for you to know about the good side and as well about the bad side of online or electrical invoicing. When you choose a good company to help you with your invoicing services, it better to look at both sides, and move forward accordingly.

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