Have you spent your career gaining experience in taxes?  Or are you interested in gaining experience in taxes?  Would you want to use your tax experience to make a difference this year?  Many local non-profit financial organizations offer a rewarding opportunity for you during tax season.

These organizations often regularly host free tax filing events for qualifying low income families and individuals.  The goal of the volunteer involved in these events is not only to provide free tax services, but to possibly return a significant amount of money to the struggling family or individual.  The tax refund represents the single largest cash influx low income people receive over the course of the year.  The refund helps low income families take one step closer to building financial stability.

During tax season, these organizations offer weekday, weeknight, and weekend appointments to those who qualify to help them file their taxes.  Qualifications differ among states, but typically range from families making under $45,000 to $55,000 annually.  By volunteering a few hours weekly this tax season, you can make a difference for many struggling low-income families.

If you are not currently experienced in taxes, you may still qualify to volunteer.  In many cases, free IRS-certified tax training is provided by the organization.  Most IRS-certified tax trainings are self-paced and help to build both knowledge and confidence in taxes.  Courses are available both online and in the classroom setting.

Helping low income people restore their finances is a rewarding way to give back to the community.  Your current or future tax experience can be used as an asset to society.  Consider getting involved with your local organization’s tax season events.

For more information, contact your local non-profit financial organization about their tax programs.  To gain a deeper insight to IRS-certified tax trainings, delve into Link & Learn and TaxWise Software.