There’s more to the venture capital scene than the Valley and the Alley. In fact, there’s a whole world out there! Check out these insights into the UK venture capital market, thanks to alternative investment research firm Preqin:

1. More than 216 investment firms in the UK participate in the venture capital market, according to Preqin, ‘either exclusively or as part of a wider investment strategy.’

2. Of those 216, though, only 104 limit themselves only to venture capital investments.

3. The 104 dedicated venture capital firms in the UK have raised nearly £4 billion over the past decade and are sitting on an estimated £1.4 billion in dry powder.

4. Based on capital raised over the past 10 years, the top five venture capital firms in the UK are: Balderton Capital, Scottish Equity Partners, MVM Life Science Partners, Excalibur Fund Managers and Zouk Capital.

5. Eighty percent of the top five venture capital firms in the UK are based in London (only Scottish Equity Partners is not).

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Source: Preqin

Photo: Robert Scoble via Flickr