The ICO world is enticing to say the least. With non-stop media buzz circulating the dynamics of token valuations, and more companies launching their own blockchain-based solutions, cryptocurrencies are (seemingly) the future.

All of this buzz is generating increased interest from consumers across the globe. Many are seeking opportunities to invest in the next big cryptocurrency. And although striking it rich from cryptocurrency seems easy — thanks to some widely reported success stories — in actuality, learning how to properly invest in cryptocurrency takes time and energy.

I’m not saying that you have to sign yourself up for an e-course and spend 5 hours each day reading about the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin. But through research and on-going self-directed education are the keys to helping anyone successfully navigate the tricky terrain of ICOs.

ICO enthusiasts today have far more resources at their disposal than early adopters. Now, there is a range of crypto-dedicated content sites to choose from. Some resources are strictly designed as ICO databases, while other blogs, news sites, and podcasts include information about up-and-coming ICOs as well as breaking market and governance news.

These are the resources you should tap into if you’re ready to commit yourself to becoming an ICO expert.

ICO Reports: New investment opportunities are constantly on the horizon, but it can be difficult to track and determine which token offerings are most likely to see success and, more importantly, worth your hard-earned dollars. ICO Reports is an ICO list site that is designed to help eager visitors monitor and learn more about active and imminent token sales.

ICO Charts: For any potential crypto investor who wants a full view of the ICO landscape, ICO Charts publishes coin offering details spanning current, ended, and future projects.

Unchained: We’re living in the era of peak podcast content and you can rest assured that today’s audio content creators have not forgotten about the budding blockchain industry. While there is a strong selection of auditory resources, Unchained (hosted by Laura Shin) is a great podcast to listen to and familiarize yourself with the vast world of all things blockchain. While the podcast does touch on new companies, projects, and coin offerings, it also expounds on the all of the ways in which decentralized technologies are (and will continue to) disrupt daily life for the better

Smith + Crown: There is still an air of uncertainty swirling around the ICO market. These suspicions are partly due to a few coin offering scams, but also partly due to the fact that many consumers still don’t fully understand coin offerings — or decentralized technology for that matter. Smith + Crown is known for producing thorough analyses of promising and hyped coin offerings. Their research is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to buy coins, but doesn’t quite understand the risks or the nuances of the technology and coin market.

CryptoSlate: With new ICOs emerging on a (seemingly) daily basis, and constant regulatory and governance updates, the crypto news world has transformed into a 24/7 cycle. CryptoSlate publishes the latest, breaking stories, so that readers never lag behind or miss any updates that might dictate imminent market trends. Additionally, the site also displays a running market valuation of altcoins.

Coinschedule: Coinschedule is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to better understand the ratings of the latest ICOs and market movement, in general. The site’s cryptocurrency ICO stats section displays how ICOs have fared month-to-month and across industries.

Blockgeeks: If you really want to become a blockchain expert, or perhaps even make a career out of working with or developing blockchain-based solutions, Blockgeeks can serve as a solid launching pad for your crypto course of study. Blockgeeks allows users to tap into comprehensive technology guides, and even learn directly from blockchain experts. The videos included in each course serve as building blocks for students to develop the skills and technical experience to potentially manage a blockchain initiative on their own.

Reddit: Blockchain forum discussions have proved to be integral to the growth of the entire industry. So much of token growth is owed to conversations that begin in forums and, steadily, grow and attract more voices. Crypto experts and enthusiasts tap into forums to share, learn, and challenge other crypto experts.

These resources are just a handful in the large (and growing) blockchain and cryptocurrency support ecosystem. As this field is still very much in its infancy, trends, regulations, and, of course, approaches to coin sales are likely to change. Staying as educated as possible is necessary for adapting and achieving long-term crypto development or investment success.