Affluent clients having high-net-worth with liquid assets of around $1 million are popularly termed Elite investors in the gambit of financial planning and investment. Elite investors qualify for differently managed investment accounts instead of plain and basic mutual fund investment. These elite investors are highly acknowledged by private wealth investors. Owing to the high amount of liquid assets, these investors opt for personalized financial planning, and that is where wealth management comes into play.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management primarily caters to the investment needs of elite investors. The term broadly covers a lot more than being mere investment advice.It can incorporate every bit of an investor’s financial life. Being a consultative process, the advisor tailor-makes personalized advisory services to high-end clients after getting an in-depth idea of their financial goals.

Instead of adhering to different words of advice and innumerable products from various investors, an elite investor can gain everything from an integrated approach.

Why should investors opt for financial planning?

  • Tailor-made strategies – For the elite investors, opting for a wealth management plan that specifically caters to the needs of the clients which is a win-win situation. With a variety of financial products amalgamated effectively, the client’s financial goals can be easily achieved.
  • Confidentiality of sensitive information – While dealing with a wealth management advisor, the clients have to disclose confidential information relating to their finances. In that case, the clients can sit back and relax in the knowledge that advisors will maintain confidentiality during the entire course of financial planning.
  • Covering an array of financial needs – The affluent investors have a wide variety of monetary needs. The wealth managers are highly-trained professionals having the requisite expertise to navigate the client’s idea of financial planning.
  • A holistic approach – Wealth management is a holistic approach where a single advisor strategizes and coordinates all the services to make the most out of the client’s finances. He encompasses everything through his services to meet the current and future needs of the client.
  • Wealth managers’ work under different titles – The investors can come across advisors working individually, or by being a part of small business entities, or large firms. So, a client can obtain services from a single-person advisor or by a bunch of members who are a part of a specialized team.

Hedge funds as a reliable option

Over the past few years, the market has witnessed the transition of hedge funds from being an investment vehicle for affluent investors to a reliable tool used by investors. It helps achieve a variety of financial goals by managing investment risk, portfolio diversification and providing reliable returns over time.

How can investors benefit from hedge funds?

  • Better management of risk – Due to a market-neutral approach to investing, hedge funds help investors profit by keeping a diversified portfolio over long and short periods. This places them as nimble investors in the market that can foresee and dodge the risk involved.
  • A diversified portfolio – Gone are the times when investors used to bank upon fixed income assets for a secure financial return. In today’s market scenario, investors need an integrated, neutral investment portfolio that promises maximum returns while reducing risk.

MetaTrader 5 for hedge funds

With a lot changing in the business industry, improved operational efficiencies seem imperative for investor growth. Diminished margins and hiked fees amplify the matter further.

And, in the market of cut-throat competition, an automated hedge fund system is necessary for managers to stand out in the crowd.

By investing in technology in middle and back offices, the speed and quality of data reporting and management has considerably improved.

Benefits of Business Spectrum

In the past few years, the speedy developments in fund accounting and middle offices have helped the managers generate precise and timely reports. However, the marketing and investor relation department needed development. Some of the most significant advantages of automation were enhanced investor experience, the power to get more out of fewer resources, enhanced investor relations, more profits for managers, etc.

Why is automation the need of the hour?

  • The pressure from the investors has made the need for automation inevitable. The investors believe that managers should place more importance on the investors and their infrastructure rather than costs.
  • Equipped with better automation and integration and collaboration tools, hedge funds managers can help the investor journey better, attract and further retain them.
  • An integrated solution to cover multiple needs.
  • A centralized, automated terminal is required for the smooth operation of a fund. It enables swift creation of funds, managing personnel and resources.
  • The only way to make this possible is through internal development or by collaborating with a service provider like MetaTrader 5 that provides a wide set of solutions including automated tools of hedge funds.
  • An administrative terminal on MetaTrader 5 for hedge funds allows Managers to create funds and financial instruments in a jiffy, automate funds and fee calculations, and select shareholders and investors to the fund and amount they hold.

The existing technology has satisfied the investors for years, however we can’t rule out the possibility of improvement through automation.