StockTwits and PR Newswire team up

The investor-focused social media network StockTwits has announced a partnership with PR Newswire, which will be offering the company’s enterprise services for investor relations as part of its ‘Capital Market Visibility 365’ program.

Subscribers to the program who seek to increase their visibility within the investment community will benefit from access to the StockTwits platform, where members exchange information on stock and corporations and post breaking news via their official ‘$’ ticker account.

This is a new, high-profile alliance for StockTwits, which started out as an investment chatter forum based on financial posts from Twitter. A year ago the company launched an IR product offering real-time information from verified company sources. It recently struck deals with Yahoo Finance, Reuters and CNN Money, which publish feeds from StockTwits, and with Q4 Web Systems, which has included the social media platform in its online IR solutions.

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