Looking for someone to mow your lawn, paint your home or babysit your kids?

A team of crowd-sourcing veterans has launched a social media site where you can reach out to the Internet community to get such tasks accomplished.

Call it chore-sourcing.

A call for community action

Vancouver-based Ayoudo launched in February with the belief that, while social media sites like Facebook and Twitter place an emphasis on sharing, liking and providing updates of content that ranges from the relevant to the irrelevant, there’s no online venue where people can go to ask for help from or offer help to members of their community.

When a help request is responded to by a member of Ayoudo’s network, and a price successfully negotiated, payments are completed through normal means such as credit, cash, check or PayPal, although Ayoudo is building its own payment system for the site.

Secure social media

Ayoudo says its site is more secure than online classifieds sites such as Craigslist and Kijiji because it has a member rating system and requires members to sign up securely via their Facebook accounts.

In its first three days, Ayoudo had more than $20,000 worth of help requests.

Launching on the back of a major seed round, the company has gained early traction in Vancouver and is currently expanding to cities across Canada.

Entrepreneurial muscle

Ayoudo certainly has the right team for success in this field: CEO Michael Tippett was a founder of the citizen journalism website NowPublic.com, which was sold in 2009 for a reported $25 mn.

CTO Eric Burin Des Roziers was a co-founder of the successful travel website TripAdvisor.

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Photo: miketippett via Flickr

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