We’re heading into the holiday season; you have shopping, decorations and food to think about. Insurance is the furthest thing from most business owners’ minds. But there is one owner whose business is preparing for it’s only big month of the year, and he needs to get his affairs in order. So what insurance needs does Santa require to run his operation?

Light Aircraft Insurance

It may be a sleigh, it may not have a conventional engine, but it is an aircraft. Parts for a magic sleigh are probably expensive too, so he will need coverage for hull damage and repairs.

Travel Insurance

You never know what might happen when you’re in a foreign country, so travel insurance is vital for any businessman that spends a lot of time overseas. To adequately cover all of his travel insurance needs Santa would need to get an unlimited mileage policy.

Business Owner’s Policy

He has a workshop filled with employees so he will need some property and liability coverage. As the sole owner of a large business, Santa probably doesn’t have the time to seek individual policies for all of his business insurance needs. A BOP is ideal for him as it covers all of his property and liability needs in one package.

Health Insurance Package

Elves may not have as many employment options as you or me, but they will still expect some basic benefits. A healthcare package should be the minimum expected for employees asked to work in sub zero temperatures.

Pet Insurance

Those reindeer work hard and he needs them in perfect health. Which means he’ll need solid pet insurance coverage to save on the heavy cost of veterinary bills.

This quick list should give Santa the minimum coverage required to run his business. It doesn’t even cover his personal insurance needs. It’s clear that insurance is a big concern for business owners. Whether your business is large, small or make believe.

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