It is no secret that the U.S. Market seems to be stuck in an in-between: many industries are slimming their work forces while others hire. There can be some clear skepticisms involved with this, with older employees tending to cost more than younger, college graduates. However, according to the latest Labor Department’s report, there are some standouts that deserve observation.

Accounting appears to, once again, be on the rise, with mining following right behind. Yet what seems of particular relevance is the Healthcare industry. For the past several months, the industry has shown a consistent growth in hiring, even during these darker months. And it is not just for the doctors: nurses indulge or even administrative assistance. This is, in large part, due to the developed nations large amount of aging populations. As health practices improve, we witness a higher amount of elderly in need of services that the industry is simply not prepared to deal with.

As for accounting, with all of the new legislation coming into effect after popular frustration with faulty practices, demand for these kinds of experts has increased. And as far as mining goes, it is no surprise that the world’s industries rely upon the resources right below the ground to continue running. Although dangerous work, it certainly can pay well.

College students are probably the most nervous by news like this: after all, with hundred of thousands of dollars in debt, many are only praying that their expertise’s will still remain relevant upon their graduations. Still, it is not the end of the world. College curriculums program in your head that obtaining, say an English major, corners you into a certain market. I assure you it does not. Rather, flexibility is the most crucial factor in these dilemmas.