Who wouldn’t settle for a billion dollars? Well, as we all know, the final sale price isn’t where the negotiation started, and Instagram was looking for a lot more money when Facebook made the offer. According to Business Insider, the mobile photo-sharing service originally wanted $2 bn to become part of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire.

And, there’s more:

1. Zuck’s deal: the offer originated with the CEO, who had reason to worry about the Instagram. Facebook’s user interaction is driven largely by photo posting, sharing and commenting. Instagram may be small, but it showed a lot of potential – enough to be construed as a threat. And, it wasn’t all that long ago that MySpace was seen as an immovable object – and Facebook was but a niche player.

2. Unusual outreach: Zuckerberg is the one who called Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom and negotiated the deal – not COO Sheryl Sandberg. This may seem unusual because Sandberg is widely known as the business presence at Facebbook. According to Business Insider, Zuck looped Sandberg in before reaching out to Systrom.

3. No lawyers: Zuck took the wheel himself because he didn’t want to alienate Systrom. Notes Business Insider: ‘He reached out directly because he was afraid that going through lawyers, as is normally done with big M&A deals, would have turned Systrom off.’

4. No board: the board of directors didn’t find out about the deal from the CEO until after he’d nailed down the details.

Clearly, Zuck’s in control.

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Source: Business Insider

Photo: @lauriedeprete via Instagram