People come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention each with their own individual stylistic preferences. When it comes to buying a suit, the process has historically been a personal, hands-on negotiation between suit-wearer and tailor – a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

An online retail startup is proving that you can still get a tailor’s careful attention to detail when buying a stylish custom suit – all with the click of a mouse.

Founded in 2007, Vancouver-based Indochino has sold more than 25,000 suits to men in 60 countries.

Attracting Investment Might

With sales topping $10 mn, Indochino has attracted some big name investors including former Yahoo! president Jeff Mallett and basketball star Steve Nash (Mallett and Nash are friends and have co-invested in other ventures). Mallett was so impressed with Indochino he became its chairman.

Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group led Indochino’s $4 mn Series A financing in 2011.

A Fitting Business Model

Through its website, suit buyers first submit their measurements via a video-guided process.

The Indochino team then makes adjustments to measurements based on cut standards for weight and height.

Finally, a “master tailor” will further refine measurements if necessary.

To ensure a buyer’s stylistic choices are met, the company sends out a “tailor’s kit” that includes 16 sample fabric swatches of the buyer’s choice, so that said buyer can get a feel for fabrics.

If a suit doesn’t meet expectations, Indochino will alter it for free, provide a full refund or provide a full credit for alterations made by your local tailor.

Not Your Grandfather’s Tailor

The company promotes the concept of “mass-customization” – it has set up manufacturing shops in China, has figured out that country’s confusing shipping regulations, and cut out overheads associated with traditional retail – as a key factor in its ability to offer quality suits at prices starting at $300.

In recognition of some people’s reluctance to buy a suit online, Indochino launched a new offline retail pop-up store called Traveling Tailor that has made appearances in Vancouver and Calgary, with future visits planned for Ottawa and, eventually, U.S. cities.

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